Scituate Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse for boys and girls in Scituate. We aspire to be an organization providing a high quality experience for every child by striving to build a culture with the highest personal integrity

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Laxachusetts Boys OPEN TRYOUTS 2014/2015
Laxachusetts Boys OPEN TRYOUTS 2014/2015 Program...
TRASH CAN LACROSSE! (click the link below for short video...
Laxachusetts Boys OPEN TRYOUTS 2014/2015
posted 07/30/2014
Laxachusetts Boys OPEN TRYOUTS 2014/2015 Program Year 
Players and Parents, 
We are proud to announce the OPEN TRYOUTS for the 2014/2015 program year for the Laxachusetts Boys Program. 

The OPEN TRYOUTS are for any player that was not part of the 2013/2014 program year that would like to compete for a spot on our roster for the 2014/15 program year. 
We have 2 rounds of tryouts. OPEN ROUND TRYOUTS for NEW Players and then we have CALL BACK ROUND TRYOUTS

CALL BACK TRYOUTS are for players that were part of the 2013/14 program year along with any players that are selected from the OPEN TRYOUTS to compete for the roster spots for the 2014/15 program year. We do not hold any roster spots. New and Returning players battle for the roster spots at the Call Back Tryout. 

We design the tryouts this way so we can guarantee we will get a strong evaluation on all NEW players at the OPEN TRYOUTS. At the CALL BACK TRYOUT, we then have are able to have the best from the OPEN tryouts compete against the returning Laxachusetts players and battle for the 66 spots per grade. 
Some Highlights of the Laxachusetts Program:
Led the Nation in Division 1 commits per class:
2012 (24)
2013 (28)
2014 (23)
Lead the Nation in total college commitments in a class:
2012 (60)
2013 (63)
2014 (62)
A member of the Platinum Cup Organization which is made up of the TOP 8 Club Programs in the Country.
18 Laxachusetts Players named to the MIAA High School All American Team 
26 Laxachusetts Players named to the ISL All League and or All American Team
5 Laxachusetts Players named as Players of the Year for their respective leagues 
73 Laxachusetts Players named to ALL League / All Star for their respective leagues
2 Laxachusetts Players named to the Under Armour Senior All American Game 
2 Years in a row our Graduating Senior Team made it to the Vail U19 Shootout Championship Game which is considered the most prestigious and competitive tournament in the country for this age group. 
Laxachusetts hosted the 2nd Annual Legacy Lacrosse Invitational and had a record setting 128 college coaches in attendance. 
The mission of Laxachusetts is simply based on player development and building lacrosse IQ through our intense 16 weeks of skill sessions at our multiple locations. 
We focus on building fundamental skill sets while teaching players to compete at a much higher tempo and learning to think and react quicker on the field. 
Although we have been very fortunate to have many players attend Division 1 schools each year, this is not the goal of the program. Our goal is to use the sport of lacrosse to help gain admissions to a great academic institution that your transcript alone would not have gotten you into. 
As a program we place a tremendous amount of emphasis on stellar academic performance while maintaining the highest degree of moral integrity. 
The one thing we are most proud of as a program is the work ethic of our players. We refuse to be outworked by anyone and that is on and off the field. This work ethic will help create a stronger foundation for all future performance in career and life.
If your son is motivated and seeks the guidance to make the next step in Lacrosse and Life join us at Laxachusetts. 


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posted 06/25/2014


(click the link below for short video of trash can lax)


A fun 2v2 lacrosse game played with a tennis ball. SYL coaches will offer Trashcan Lacrosse at the Scituate High School turf on Saturday mornings from 6/28 (this Saturday!) through 8/30/14.


Helmet, Gloves, Stick required


School Grade as of fall 2014


2nd thru 4th grade 9am-10am


5th & 6th grade 10am-11am


7th & 8th 10am-11pm





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